A New Day

It is a new day!  The 22 of December.  Noteworthy as the day the sun is beginning its return to the Northern hemisphere.  Granted that it’s just beginning; but we need to recognize that beginnings are necessary for any kind of change to take place.  So let’s rejoice in this beginning. Parenthetically, -I’ve sought out ways to change the title of my blog, but so far haven’t got it; I am confident that I’ll find a way. Sometimes – in fact – often we “don’t get it”; perhaps humility and persistence are more significant here than “confidence.”  I like the title of his new post, however; “A new day.”  Can we all see every day as that?


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  1. David

    Hey there, Dad. Good job on the post. To change the name of the blog go here in your dashboard:

    Settings => then just change the title and the subtitle (i.e. tagline).

    Also, it looks like you created a new page called The Wa(o)ndering Eye: Exploration in Diretionality…yet, there’s no content on the page.

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