You find not infrequently in writings references to “objective” or “subjective.”  Most of us likely think that we know what these terms are all about.  But I wonder?  It seems to me that what is really objective are things that we can see and touch (I understand the problems inherent in perception; but let’s not go there—yet, any way).  Subjective would be any idea/concept/notion that is not objectively concrete.  There are, of course, some notions—that are really more than notions—like scientific “laws” and mathematical theorems—that we can’t see or touch, but that are clearly more than “subjective.”  Objective then can be seen as inclusive of things that we can see and feel and theoretical concepts that have proven to have “objectivity” and “reality” through rigorous testing and retesting.


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  1. David

    Try exploring the use of em dashes–they are better than standard dashes for use in sentences. You can add special characters by clicking on the right-most icon in the editor. It will then give you more editor (WYSIWYG) options. One of the options is the Omega symbol which allows you to use additional characters. Also, just a little editor note, the em dash should be used sparingly.

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