Time Warp

Of course it’s not new with me, but have you ever thought that the experience of time might be (let’s say is) quite different for nonhumans.  How about an insect?  Or an elephant.  Or that Carolina wren that moves so fast among the shrubs that it’s mental processing and physical responsiveness is many times faster than what we experience.  The few hours of life of the ephemera that we see in the morning light circling in the still air is like a lifetime to us.  I understand that there is a Galapagos tortoise on an English estate that is 150 years old.

That’s right–I am seemingly combining apples and oranges here, but I know you can make the connection.  Oh, and I know the issue of “experience” related to animals and others.  It’s likely that we would begin to see (understand) animals in a different way if we allowed them the “right” to “experience.”  Would likely result in more vegetarians!


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