Holiday Hooey

What if people really told the truth in those holiday letters?  How about having them do a stream of consciousness that really reflects the events of the past year?  Let’s face it.  Life has its downs as well as its ups.  Some of these letters are so full of wonderful “accomplishments” of the writer’s family members that they make the rest of us “ordinary” people feel like losers.  I guess, though, it’s not reasonable to expect people to air their dirty linen to friends and acquaintances.  We do like to put our best foot forward to others.  If we’ve got problems or conflicts within ourselves or our families, other people really shouldn’t be bothered with them, unless, of course, we’re looking for solutions or sympathy.  However, where is that line where our representations of ourselves and our family passes the limit of what is reasonably in touch with reality?  Keeping ourselves grounded in reality is difficult enough, without our trying to keep up an image to others that is false.  So if you’re going to write a holiday letter to let others know what’s been going on with your family, what might be the best approach? Sorry, I don’t have an answer at this moment; but whatever you write , it should be reasonably be grounded in reality; and it should not be such that anyone reading it will feel that you’re doing so much better than they are that they feel bad about themselves.



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7 responses to “Holiday Hooey

  1. David

    Wow! a bit cynical. You might consider balancing your cynicism. You can delete my comments from the dashboard.

  2. David

    Humans are about fascade. Are you willing to remove your clothes and walk around naked? We cover our frailties. But we also reveal them to others. There are certain things that are private for various reasons. One reason is to hide. Another reason is because some will use them against us as a weapon. It’s sometimes important not to provide weapons to our enemies. Sometimes are friends and family are our closest enemy…actually, we are our closest enemy.

  3. mhz1936

    Hmmmmm! Looks like “David” is ready to start his own blog!
    MZ (also known as “Dad”)

  4. Jen

    I agree to a point, and although I do find some of the letters a little phony, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being proud of your and your family’s accomplishments. Christmas is in part a time to share good feelings, to set aside differences, and to look for the joy in life. Christmas letters are a way to share those things with the people you know and love. The intention is generally good. There is a fine line between bragging and being proud… but who are we to judge and decide who is being what? That said, I confess I’ve raised an eyebrow at a few letters myself. But I also appreciate and enjoy their intent – generally.

  5. Jen

    Please set up an RSS feed ASAP.

  6. David

    Jen, There’s already a feed on this.

  7. mhz1936

    Mama Mia!
    I’m getting editorial criticism already, and I’ve barely begun!

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