The Marginalized

Posted by: David

Society will always marginalize this or that group, no matter what group is in power.

If Party A: the poor are marginalized.
If Party B: the disabled are marginalized.
If Party C: the weak are marginalized.
If Party D: the hard workers are marginalized.
If Party E: the justice-seekers are marginalized.
If Party F: the peacemakers are marginalized.

Blessed be the marginalized, for they shall be brought within.



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2 responses to “The Marginalized

  1. ellisjay

    I can tell you all about what it is to be marginalized. I’m inside the margINalized. If you want to know who’s the marginalized, just look at who’s getting bailouts and where state budgets are being cut, and then think of those who aren’t even so much as recognized as to be cut from the state budgets.

    Actually, MZ, not presently having i-net connex at home, have been trying to recall precisely who, in psychological sense, coined the phrase “the family romance (or, “the romance of the family”). Was it Freud, or someone earlier? Karl Marx, in an essay w/Engels, wrote “The Holy Family,” but that’s a somewhat differing matter–altho’ not entirely.

    ellisjay in PAWA

  2. Mike Zelenka

    My favorite response when I don’t know is “Mama Mia!” It comes in handy in more situations than you can imagine. Regarding your question, ellisjay in PAWA, “Mama Mia!”

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