Zephyr Evening Skies

Posted by David


In the quiet time of the earthshadow rise,
When the blue curtain covers the daylight,
The Zephyrs come out to play,
And are called in to blow out the lights.

As dolphins swim in evening water
Quietly slapping the water with their fins
And playing chase with their brothers and sisters,
So plays the Zephyrs in their plum and peach gowns.

The horizon’s lightball watches their silent play,
Always silhouetting the creatures in their task.
Their tails sweep above the land;
That last yawn rolls across the quiet sagebrush.

As they play in the waves of the great earthshadow,
Can they hear vesper sparrows sing goodnight?
Do they know their Maker and task-giver is nigh?
Zephyrs swim where daytime meets the night.


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