Photons Eternal

Posted by David

Greens and blues and reds silently blossomed and folded in and among themselves. I lay on the warm summer pavement of the Hurricane Ridge Road stiff in awe. Shimmering whites melted into darkness and pinpoints of starlight. In the northerly midnight blue sky shined the bright lights of Victoria and more green and blue auroras, held motionless due to distance.

What is light anyway? Is it timeless or of all time. I have this notion that all light is from the same source and all light is the same light, shining from a point broader than our universe itself. That, unlike snowflakes, every photon is exactly alike. Are we light also, timeless beings, manifest in the flesh?

I came to the Peninsula desiring beauty and adventure. As a lustful, dreamy young man, I was fearless in my pursuit of truth, walking in pride and youthful ambition. Now I’m ready to find what I’ve been seeking: a way back to the heaven of Eden, where our nakedness was normal, where the façade of Man is no more, and where truth shines in a timeless world, where the relentless waters of this world no longer lap with thirst toward progress. I long for that world, where technology, the pride of mankind and the lust of the deceitful, is not a cog in the universe. Can we get back to Eden where my hands can glean the fruits of the earth without the reaper’s sickle?

The path back to Eden is probably too simple for our corrupt minds to imagine. Is it a metamorphosis that requires our patience in a cocoon? Who has that kind of patience? Who has that level of sacrifice?

I long to go back to Eden, but the past is a shadow world, one probably not of the current reality. Like memories, the past is a scarred. The hard truth is crammed into hidden places, burned, hung and crucified. To return to Eden, must we traverse that dark, cloudy, uncertain, undefined, empty, half-erased, and colorless landscape? Is there anyone who could make that journey?

I suppose the journey could be through the ‘now’ like some would lead us to believe. But the now is ever-fleeting and never enterable. The moment our minds grasp the now, it’s gone in the past, or else it must be held in some sort of static, dead state.

Is the journey back to Eden a march forward? Then what direction must we go? Which signposts lead us in error and which signposts lead correctly.

What I do know is that we will get there. Eden will not be like it was in the past. It won’t be like our visions of the future. And it won’t be like our vision of the present. But it will contain all the good, all the lovely, all the awsome archetypes that our minds can behold.

The only reason I know this is due to hope I have in Jesus Christ. I know nothing any other way.

Photo by Donald R. Pettit

Photo by Donald R. Pettit


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