Sneaky Cat

Posted by Mike

Anna calls her “Sneaky Cat.”

Linda is trying to steal her from the neighbors through tasty delights.

I observe her – as well as give her occasional tasty delights myself. She’s tiny and virtually tailless; calico. A Manx? Not likely.

We all seem to think that young animals are so cute. I suspect that a lot of that “cuteness” is the basics of how to get along in the world. “Sneaky Cat” is sneaky because she plays something like hide-and-seek with Anna. Neither of them know that for “Sneaky,” the play is – in a sense – deadly serious. She’s learning how to attack and capture prey. Not that our house cats need to do that anymore. They’re neutered in more ways than one.

I have concluded, however, that cats aren’t really what we think they are. Unlike dogs, their domestication is minimal. Cats are really wild animals who accommodate to us because we make it easy for them. Who wants to go out and forage for himself when you have a waiter serving you a nice prepared meal every night. There is a down side, of course. You have to accept things like neutering and having your claws removed and having to be nice to the waiter. Sounds kind of like being a eunuch in the Sultan’s seraglio.

“Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”  –  Jeff Valdez

“Cats regard people as warm-blooded furniture.”  –  Jacquelyn Mitchard



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2 responses to “Sneaky Cat

  1. Linda

    I am not trying to steal a cat. I am befriending one. We are neighbors in a paw-waving sort of way. That’s all.

  2. Jenny

    I couldn’t agree more. Though, I’d argue that Grendel, our own house cat has become very domesticated (dependent?) in his old age. An increase of age and dependency will lend their personalities an air of domestication.

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