The Lion and the Horse

Posted by David
Lion Ishtar Gate (575 BC)
Lion Ishtar Gate (575 BC)

Last night, I had another series of startling dreams of the Sehnsucht type that I’ve had in recent years. As usual, my dreams are strung together like cloud-pictures waxing and waning across a blue summer sky. But one segment of this particular dream wasn’t so summery.

I was walking along in an ancient place. The kind of scene you might happen upon when reading an Aesop’s Fable or when reading about the life of Noah. There were rolling prairies, a ravine, and in the distance, right in front of our path, was a lion, an archetypal beast of horror. The roaring, the barring of his teeth, his angry pose reared on hind legs terrified us all. His head did not have the typical mane you’d see on a lion. His head and neck looked more like a lioness, with massive muscles flexing beneath his thin vellum of skin.

He was ahead of us, but there was no turning back. We pressed on shivering in fear. My dad was nearby across the ravine. Oddly enough, he was a horse, dark brown with a long mane. He didn’t notice the lion. I tried to yell to warn him, but he didn’t hear us over the ambient noise of the wind and the creek.

Soon, we were upon the lion, close enough to touch him. I then realized that the lion’s master was there also, a human figure, who in a word could tell the lion to devour us. Immediately, I grabbed his hand and prayed, “Lord Jesus…Lord Jesus.” I prayed for the man and for us. I just babbled to Jesus in fear. I knew that I must hold that man’s hand and pray until my father was safely beyond the lion.

My dad passed safely as did we. I ended the prayer and we continued on, looking back only briefly. The intensity of the moment was such that I awoke quickly with the feeling still lingering in my flesh.

Infrequently, I find myself praying to Jesus in my dreams. It’s a remarkable experience and has changed my dreamworld significantly. I recommend it to anyone, but there’s a catch, in order for it to take hold in dreamworld, it must be done first in reality. At least that’s been the case for me. If you live anywhere near a city, or where people suffer, each day you’ll find someone on the street with which to pray. Every time I go to Seattle, I find those people. They find me. God brings us together. If you keep your eyes open you’ll see them also. They’ll find you. And if you pray with them, there may be nothing more important that you ever do.


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