Who was your most memorable teacher?

Posted by David
The Sermon on the Mount, Gustave Doré

The Sermon on the Mount, Gustave Doré

How influential have your teachers been to you? There may have been one that lead you into your present career or one that directed you away from a particular path. In our world teachers prove to provide great influence over the paths of both individuals and our society in general.

What if your teacher was to say things like:

  • True joy is for those who are poor, persecuted, meek, merciful and desirous to be good.
  • Don’t retaliate when people hurt you, instead give them something good from your heart, not with the intention to make them feel guilty for the way they treated you, but with the intention to lift their spirit—to just love them.
  • When you give to the needy do so without anyone knowing, not even the person who scans your tax return.
  • Don’t seek to make money, but instead to seek good things that aren’t tangible.
  • Promises are unbreakable bonds, so be be very careful what you promise.
  • If you judge others or engage in outward or subconscious ‘profiling’, you’ll be setting the standard to which you must comply.
  • The words you speak about others behind their back, under your breath or in your heart are just as damaging to you.
  • Don’t worry, be happy.
  • Even if you are locked in the deepest darkest dungeon where the keys have been destroyed and the castle walls above you have been toppled atop the entrance to your hole, there is still one way out.

Would you think he was a fool? Would you think he was crazy?

These are some of the things my teacher told me, I believe every word of it, and I certainly don’t think he was crazy. The trouble is I keep trying to water down his teachings. I think, “He must have only meant this or that only under this or that particular condition, right?”

Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

John 8:58


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