Is Evolution Unidirectional?

This is in response to “Bonobos for President.”

In regards to evolution, if you’ve read some by Colin Tudge, he talks about ‘types’ and how those types have appeared and reappeared along different lineages of animals. I also think of the Douglas-fir tree. The Douglas-fir tree species has essentially been unchanged for millions and millions of years. This tree is the just the best design for certain climates and ecotypes of western North America. It’s found from New Mexico all the way up into British Columbia. It was the perfect type for a particular set of conditions in Western NA.

I believe that we probably did emerge from some sort of proto-ape, but our species has a final destination. Unlike what I think some would say, I don’t think monkeys will ever become a humanoid. Like Teilhiard de Chardin believed, I feel that all of evolution is less like an endless wave, but more like a bell curve. It is a process that has a peak. That peak has probably already occurred. The lineages have come to their fruition. I’m not saying that species won’t change, but all the big shifts are over. The archetypes have all walked, swam, or flown on earth. And like Teilhard, I believe that fruition of the process of evolution (creation) is Christ. (This is where some will turn off, but try not to. Open your mind.)

Bonobos are a type. They are they tropical-aboreal-omnivore?’ type.  Species usually don’t devolve then evolve into something else. Can you demonstrate places in the fossil record where a species became specialized then reversed to a more primitive form, while then becoming specialized in an entirely different way? If you can, let me know and I’ll rethink things. Seems to me it’s a unidirectional process.


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  1. Mike Zelenka

    Bonobos will change and have the potential to become more capable of adapting to varying environments if they are required to do so by climatic shifts that necessitate adaptation if they are to survive. You are probably right that many basic archetypes for our current climatic conditions have already developed. Will the human archetype change over the next quarter millenium? Possibly – if climatic conditions change; and also possibly, in intellectual ways, consequent to our extraordinary technological revolution. Does Jesus fit into the equation? He doesn’t seem so to me.

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