More re: The Gingerbread Man

Posted by Mike

Run, run – as fast as you can – You can’t catch me! I’m the Gingerbread Man!

The Gingerbread Man was clearly misguided – immature, impulsive. Was he delusional? Was his behavior antisocial or just oppositional? He doesn’t steal anything – or harm others. It seems that he was only oppositional, and not delusional, but completely lacking in awareness of the likely consequences of his behavior. Also, quite naive to trust the fox, whom most others would have steered clear of. But since the Gingerbread Man seemed to have had no experience prior to jumping out of the oven, we can’t really have expected him to share this insight. the story is clearly a tragedy, presenting the consequences of thoughtless, self-centered, emotion-driven, and excitement motivated behavior. And we are the voyeurs, vicariously enjoying hearing about the exploits of the Lindsey Lohan types, but comfortable in our conservative behavior with predictable outcomes. Let us have a few moments of silent prayer – for the Gingerbread Man – and for Ms Lohan.
The behavior of nations often is reflective of the sort displayed by our Gingerbread Man.

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