Game Over

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Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness, Karel Dujardin (1626–1678)

Hagar and Ishmael in the Wilderness, Karel Dujardin (1626–1678)

It’s about time for a rant from me. This blog entry is for all those Christians out there, of which I am one. If you happen to watch Fox News or any news for that matter. Turn off your TV and throw it away. It is probably one of the worst additions out there. Fox is news in sheep’s clothing for millions of American Christians out there.

What we are witnessing through the media of all sorts is a last-ditch attempt to hold on to an old world order, one where the elite of our world control the happenings of the world. But cracks seem to be forming in the ugly structure. They are the rich and the powerful, but they are losing the grip. And the last thing you want to do is to fall into the pit with them.

I continually find it amazing how Christians can support the Zionist state in Israel through the structural lies that come not only through the media, but also through circulating Christian literature. They argue that Israelis are our brothers and Muslims are not. We must support one and not the other. This is absurd logic. Our King is Jesus. He is our only King. Not Bush, not Obama, not Osama, you get the point. Noone but Jesus. Our brothers and sisters are our relations in Christ only. We follow him to death.

How does hating Muslims (or Zionists for that matter) help us fulfill what Jesus commanded us to do: Love our enemies?

There will always be until the final day be enmity between Israel and Arabs. This is an ancient rivalry between brothers that has occurred for thousands of years. It is the archetype of Cain and Able. It’s the story of Ishmael and Isaac. It’s the story of Esau and Jacob. This is not a Christian’s battle. The Christian’s battle is in his or her own heart. It is a struggle between Satan and your soul. Christ already won the battle for all of humanity. All we need to do is follow him as one of his flock and preach the news to everyone we meet and we journey toward the Kingdom of Heaven.

Zionism is a political structure. It has nothing to do with the Great I Am. When the Muslim yells, “God, Is Great.” He is talking about the same God to whom a religious Jew prays. The only difference for a Christian is that the Christian prays to God, whom we know as Jesus. The religious Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. The Muslim believes Jesus was the last of the great prophet and will return. Zionism prays to nothing except itself as a political state.

Zionism wants the land and the power. Zionism has the organizational structure and bombs of United States which have kept it alive. The only reason our country really cares about Israel is because of the nearby oil. We must have that oil for not only our people, but mostly to keep our military in business.

So, what we have in Tunisia and Egypt is only the beginning. The people of my generation in the Middle East aren’t that much different from me. They will be overtakeing over the structures of power. They are smart and capable. They use the media and the Internet. And they will do what they can to take back their land from the world elites, who lead the Zionists and our government.

With 70 years of economic structures unravelling and oil running out, the game is over for the elite of this world. We can only hope for a peaceful outcome.

The question is whose side are you on? Zionists, United States, Elitists, Peaceniks, Muslims, or on the side of Jesus? Take your pick. The first three are fascist. The second two are misguided, and Jesus is the only true King this world has ever known.

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12

A Statement from the protesters at Cairo’s Tahrir square to the Egyptian people

The President’s promises and the bloody events of Wednesday February 2

We the protesters who are currently on sit-in at Tahrir (liberation) square in Cairo since January 25, 2011 strongly condemn the brutal attack carried out by the governing National Democratic Party’s (NDP) mercenaries at our location on Wednesday February 2, under the guise of “rally” in support of President Mubarak. This attack continues on Thursday February 3. We regret that some young people have joined these thugs and criminals, whom the NDP is accustomed to hire during elections, to march them off after spreading several falsehoods circulated by the regime media about us and our goals. These goals that aim at changing the political system to a one that guarantees freedom, dignity and social justice to all citizens are also the goals of the youth. Therefore we want to clarify the following.

Firstly, we are a group of young Muslim and Christian Egyptians; the overwhelming majority of us does not belong to political parties and have no previous political activism. Our movement involves elderly and children, peasants, workers, professionals, students and pensioners. Our movement cannot be classified as “paid for” or “directed by” a limited few because it attracted millions who responded to its emblem of removing the regime. People joined us last Tuesday in Cairo and other governorates in a scene that witnessed no one case of violence, property assault or harassment to anyone.

Secondly, our movement is accused of being funded from abroad, supported by the United States, as being instigated by Hamas, as under the leadership of the president of the National Assembly for change (Mohamed El-Baradie) and last but not least, as directed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Many accusations like these prove to be false. Protesters are all Egyptians who have clear and specific national objectives. Protesters have no weapons or foreign equipment as claimed by instigators. The broad positive response by the people to our movement’s goals reveals that these are the goals of the Egyptian masses in general, not any internal or external faction or entity.

Thirdly, the regime and its paid media falsely blame us, young demonstrators, for the tension and instability in the streets of Egypt in recent days and therefore for damaging our nation’s interests and security. Our answer to them is: It is not the peaceful protesters who released the criminal offenders from prison to the unguarded streets to practice looting and plundering. It is not the peaceful protesters who have imposed a curfew starting at 3 o’clock PM. It is not the peaceful protesters who have stopped the work in banks, bakeries and gas stations. When protesters organized its one-million demonstration it came up in the most magnificent and organized form and ended peacefully. It is not the protestors who killed 300 people some with live ammunition, and wounding more than 2,000 people in the last few days.

Fourthly, President Mubarak came out on Tuesday to announce that he will not be nominated in the upcoming presidential election and that he will modify two articles in the Constitution, and engage in dialogue with the opposition. However the State media has attacked us when we refused his “concession” and decided to go on with our movement. Our demand that Mubark steps down immediately is not a personal matter, but we have clear reasons for it which include:

* His promise of not to run again is not new. He has promised when he came to power in 1981 that he will not run for more than two periods but he continued for more than 30 years.
* His speech did not put any collateral for not nominating his son “Gamal”, who remains until the moment a member of the ruling party, and can stand for election that will not be under judicial supervision since he ignored any referring to the amendment of article 88 of the Constitution.
* He also considered our movement a “plot directed by a force” that works against the interests of the nation as if responding to the demands of the public is a “shame” or “humiliation”.
* As regards to his promise of conducting a dialogue with the opposition, we know how many times over the past years the regime claimed this and ended up with enforcing the narrow interests of the Mubarak State and the few people who control it.

And the events of Wednesday proved our stand is vindicated. While the President was giving his promises, the leaders of his regime were organizing (along with paid thugs and wanted criminals equipped with swords, knives and Molotov bombs) a brutal attack plot against us in Tahrir square. Those thugs and criminals were accompanied by the NDP members who fired machine guns on unarmed protesters who were trapped on the square ground, killing at least 7 and wounding hundreds of us critically. This was done in order to end our peaceful national popular movement and preserve the status quo.

Our movement is Egyptian – Our movement is legitimate- Our movement is continuing


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