The Revolution of Pi

Posted by David

A revolution is sweeping the Middle East and in other places in the world. Some are calling for a “Jasmine Revolution” in China. I call for a revolution in modern scientific thought: call it the Revolution of Pi. Science no longer seems to search for truth, but for supporting evidence to uphold false notions. Modern science has nested itself on a crumbling altar. The exact same data can also be nested on a different platform and a very different picture emerges.

I propose three new pillars in science. These were developed out of a challenge from my friend Lisbeth.

1) Types: pre-existence of types – Out of order, emerges order. Most modern scientific thought is based on the pillar chaos theory. It’s the way some scientists explain seeming-randomness without God. Out of that pillar you get, all sorts of misconceptions. Order cannot emerge out of chaos. In every community of organisms there is a directional evolution toward those types.

Pre-existence of types

Pre-existence of types

2) Circle: The circle is the fundamental structure of nature – Infinity does not exist in the natural world, and neither does the finite. Built like a circle, the universe is both infinite and finite and neither at the same time. The human mind can only conceive of this idea by understanding the nature of a circle.

The circle is the fundamental

The circle is the fundamental

3) Life: The fundamental state of matter is Life – Nothing in the natural world is dead or non-living. Everything we touch, see, feel has life. Entropy is a circular of a change of state. Ecology is the fundamental branch of science.

The fundamental state of matter is Life

The fundamental state of matter is Life


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  1. Mike

    In general (will not attempt a proof):
    1. Types do not preexist. What does happen is that for living things in a particular environment specific morphologies are more likely to develop. They don’t exist before they develop (I think I hear Plato out there – too – saying, “No, no!”).
    2. The fundamental structure of nature (living things) must be 3-dimensional. I suggest that it be a flexible enclosure of some type – Oh, how about a CELL?
    3. I think physics rules out life as primary. We don’t know what the fundamental state of matter is – but I expect it is nothingness, that matter comes into being, positive and negative matter, at a very preatomic level as a result of some event – Oh, how about THE BIG BANG?

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