Turn on the news at any time and there are catastrophes everywhere. Of course, they’re worse at this time in those areas where there is armed conflict; but there are areas in the world where starvation and abuse of women and children don’t often come to the attention of journalists and the public.

The real catastrophe is individual; the individual child, woman, or man who suffers from deprivation, abuse, loss of home, possessions, educational and productive opportunities, and community. We’re talking about tragedy. Tragedy is an individual thing; but it is also corporate. An entire culture disrupted by conflict is a terrible blow to culture. In the daily news we see pictures of disruption, injuries from conflict to innocents. How do aggressors justify what they do? Corporate aggression is usually driven by greed and ideology. An attempt by a stronger aggressor to impose its mandates on a weaker society.

We see in the Middle East, in Ukraine, in multiple areas in Africa how ideology and greed are fueling conflict. In the West and in the Americas, we are certainly not free from the same tendencies to press our ideology on others, and if you look at the past actions of our beloved United States, we must acknowledge our errors of the past: the extermination of native American Indians and their cultures, slavery, the Jim Crow era consequent to the “Emancipation” of African-Americans, which lasted 100 years!

We hear lots of bellicose talk from nations leaders, presently primarily from Putin, Netanyahu, The Supreme Leader of Iran. There is a secondary level of bellicose talk from people who want to be leaders, like from some of our Presidential hopefuls.

The solution is something we homo sapiens have been working on for thousands of years, but that we haven’t got quite right – although there are places where we’re doing a pretty good job. The solution is negotiation and compromise. Which means, of course, that people have to give up somewhat, often what they think are their most cherished ideas or possessions, reflecting a change from near-delusional understanding of what’s best for them and right for them.

We’re learning; but it’s a very slow process; and a lot of us in our own country (the United States) don’t get it.

Those atomic weapons are still poised to go off; it’s not just atomic bombs, but hydrogen warheads. Do you know how lethal they are?
That’s crazy!


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