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His Word ‘Gravity’

Elwha River in Winter

Elwha River in Winter

Posted by David

Daddy, “How does the water move?”

Yesterday we took a walk up to Goblin’s gate along the Elwha River, where the river funnels into a towering grey rock canyon. The naturalist in me would have wanted to say to my 3 year old son, maybe even with a minor nasal lisp for fun, “There’s a pulling force between bodies of matter called gravity. We don’t really understand it, but we can certainly see its effects.” But I didn’t say that.

I responded, “God pushes the water.”

He came back with, “Does he use his arms?”

I said, “He uses his Word.”

I continued, “God tells the trees to grow up and they do.
He tells the birds to flock and they do.
He tells mountains to rise and they do.
He tells us to love and we do.

Do you send the lightning bolts on their way?
Do they report to you, “Here we are”?
– Job 38:35


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